8 tips for getting into shape after the holidays

The great season of fun, joy and presents has come and gone. While we clean up wrapping paper, planning celebrations for the next year, and coming up with resolutions for this one we can’t help but notice the effect all that delicious holiday food had on our bodies. From Christmas dinners with the family to one extra holiday coffee drink – now it is the time to let all of that extra weight go. You are wondering how to do it? Oh, have no fear – we are here to help.

1. No one is a stranger to one or two (or a few: no judgement) alcohol drinks when celebrating the beginning of the New Year! You probably also know that alcohol dehydrates your body to the core, which in return make you look older and more bloated. Drink lots and lots of water and go back to your normal sleep schedule – that should be your step number one!

2. Speaking of alcohol – go easy on it for a few weeks. Drinking your calories, especially after indulging in them during those cold holiday nights, might not be a great idea. Substitute your liquor with some kombucha, water, or a glass of orange juice.