A Yogi Created A Body Positive Program That Proves Strong > Skinny, And You Need To Try It

Thousands of people are joining a fitness program that doesn’t promise 6-pack abs and I think the “why” is a story the readers would be interested in. The program is called the Perfect Body Yoga Program and it’s created by Bad Yogi founder Erin Motz. This yoga focused fitness program is based on the belief that your “perfect” body is simply the healthiest version of the body you already have.

There’s a new fitness program on the block, and we don’t think this one is just a fad. It’s based on a unique promise – that it won’t promise a ‘6 pack’ and the reason behind that will really surprise you.

Bad Yogi founder Erin Motz founded the program, and it’s called the “Perfect Body Yoga Program”. It’s called this because it’s based on the belief that the “perfect” body is just the healthiest version of the skin you’re already in – embracing health over being a size 0. That’s some body positive fitness we can get behind!

The yoga based fitness program has already garnered thousands of fans, with an Instagram following of 26k, and 108k FB fans.